Goal Setting

How to get into the London Marathon
How to get into the London Marathon Requirements for 2020 and 2021 are different from usual years You can jump to the section you need […]

How to get into the London Marathon

Conker your goals: What squirrels can teach us about autumn training AUTUMN TRAINING Seasonal scenery Autumn is a fantastic time of year to run or […]

Autumn Training Tips

Motivation’s a big deal.  It’s one of the things I’m asked about most.  It seems to come naturally to some people.  To others, I look […]

How to get motivated

How to make time to train
Most of us are time-poor.  Family, work, friends, home; it can be a challenge just fitting the basics in, let alone training.  We often wonder […]

How to make time to train

How to run marathon
Spring. A time of daffodils and lambs for most people. But for many runners, the blossom and the lighter mornings signal that Spring marathons are […]

4 Steps to Spring Marathon Prep

reasons to race, why race, run, tri, bike
Racing doesn’t mean you have to be a competitive person. You can race for many reasons. Racing is hard but the rewards are worth it. […]

5 Reasons to Race

Running is easy right? One foot in front of another.  Get fitter.  Build up the distance.  While out running, you see a poster of women […]

Three Tough Truths About Running

Whether you had a good or a bad experience in the marathon, firstly congratulations! Not many people are even fit enough to run a marathon, […]

What next after a marathon?

Wrapped the socks, sent the cards, ordered the turkey.  When the holiday starts, you can finally slow down, sit back in a comfy chair with […]

Christmas Checklist

My friends who don’t run, or run a little, often tell me running is hard for them, but must be easy for me. Whereas I […]

Running = hard = good