Art Of Your Success Values


ArtOfYourSuccess celebrates the effort you make in your training and racing.  It’s not about comparing times, but it is about putting in the work.


Whether it’s graduating couch to 5k, getting a time or making a family member proud, ArtOfYourSuccess is all about celebrating goals.  Shut out what others are doing, go get what’s meaningful to you and celebrate it.


Lots of recent research show smiling can reduce your perceived workout effort. Art Of Your Success products aim to bring a smile to your training and events. Whether that’s through observations and slogans that make you laugh, or a design that just makes you smile


Art Of Your Success aims to bring you original products and ideas.  All thought of by Sarah while running or cycling. If you see something somewhere else, hopefully it’s just because someone has had the same idea, because copying is not cool.


With a previous career working for UK Government on environmental issues, particularly International Climate Change, not surprisingly I have been keen to ensure the eco aspects of Art Of Your Success.

Products are made to order or made in small batches from sustainable sources, so only what is needed is produced.

Cards are sent ‘naked’, to cut down on plastic and other packaging. International orders may be sent with the card in a recyclable plastic bag for extra protection.