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Running isn’t easy, but that makes it worth it

Is running easy for other people?

My friends who don’t run, or run a little, often tell me running is hard for them, but must be easy for me.

Whereas I think running is hard too, and like to think the elites find running easy.

The truth is that like anything rewarding, running isn’t particularly easy for any of us.   I’d say that’s what makes it rewarding!

Does running get any easier?

The first time I ran 10 miles, it was hard to cover the distance.  The first time I ran a race, it was hard to be in a competitive environment.  Every time I’ve run a marathon personal best, it’s been really hard!  It gets ever harder as you try to cut off more time from your previous best efforts. 

That’s also why we should be pleased with these steps.  It was hard preparing, training and racing on the day.  If it was easy, we wouldn’t feel so satisfied with each milestone. 

Sarah Rome Marathon

Challenges make us proud

If you think about the things you’re proud of – anything from cooking a delicious cake, to getting a job, you are probably more proud because you did something that wasn’t easy.  You had to work, you got the results, and you may even have enjoyed the process!

So don’t worry if running or cycling isn’t easy.  You will enjoy it more as you get fitter and more experienced, and you’ll reach milestones you once thought were too hard.  Enjoy and appreciate whenever you reach a new level, like running 5 miles in one go, running your first half marathon, or achieving a new PB.

It’s then up to you whether to continue to enjoy being at this level, or set yourself a new hard goal.

How hard can it be?!…

Exhausted marathon finishers
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