The Story of Art Of Your Success

How it was created and behind the scenes

Behind the bib – Sarah

I’m Sarah, an artist and an athlete. I make products that help motivate, organise and celebrate your training and racing.

I’m a runner and cyclist.  I’ve run over 50 marathons and hold a few silly Guinness World Records. I’ve cycled over 50,000 miles, including the whole Tour de France route.  The idea for Art Of Your Success grew as I trained over all these miles, until it refused to go away.

Aim of Art Of Your Success

I always wanted to support people I knew, as they challenged themselves to take part in challenges from 5k to marathons to triathlons. 

I created Art Of Your Success to make products that really understand sport, as well as looking inspiring and stylish. My aim for my designs is to spark memories of the highs and lows, struggles and triumphs, that we go through in training and racing, and that it would take pages to describe otherwise.

Design inspiration

Many of my designs are based around the running bib which I feel symbolises all that effort we put in training for and completing an event.  

I’m constantly noting down new ideas which usually come to me on a run or a cycle.  It can be a rush to get them all down after a run before I forget.  It can feel a bit lengthy to get them out in the world, but luckily my endurance training helps me here.  I love creating new products (you can always see these in the ‘new’ section of the shop).

How I make things

Everything is then hand drawn by me.  I start in pencil, and use a mix of pen, paint and digital to get my drawings onto products you can use and enjoy. 

Getting it to you – the 2 Ps of Post & Packaging aka Shipping

There are very much two Ps in P&P.  I have boxes full of the first P, the ‘packaging’ to protect your special thing.  I usually cycle your order to the post office for the second P of ‘postage’.  I only send your email notification once it’s on its way.

If you have any questions, about training, racing or products or ordering, do please get in touch.  I look forward to helping you out.

Wishing you lots of success