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Sarah Art Of Your Success
Sarah Art Of Your Success

Running & cycling are a way of life. Art Of Your Success makes meaningful products to motivate, enjoy & celebrate it.

I’m a runner, cyclist & designer with a background in the environment. I design and make sustainable meaningful products for runners and cyclists to run/bike in training, race events, and remember their achievements.
Through really understanding the highs and lows, the challenges, the laugh and cry moments, Art Of Your Success products aim to 

  • make you smile over something only a runner or cyclist would get
  • keep you motivated before and proud after
  • get you organised for training or racing (planners, checklists & journals)
  • keep you proud & show your achievements – whether boldly (a T shirt), subtly (a mug or a pin badge) or privately (a print for your home).

Running and cycling are a way of life, and the focus of Art Of Your Success.

Your time is precious, so here are a few pointers below where you might like to start.
Wishing you lots of success, Sarah

Gift Ideas

Marathon runner enamel pins

Browse the shop to get ideas by product or by the theme you need eg running; wedding or race finisher

Monthly Inspiration

Stay motivated with my monthly email of training tips, updates on products & insights from my training.

Training Tips

How to get motivated to train

Running, cycling, training, racing, spectating. Grab tips from my 20+ years of working it out.

Clubs/ Events/ Custom

multi functional headwear

You can see examples of my designs for clubs, teams & events, including multifunctional headwear, plus designs for individuals including invitations for sporty people.

License/ Wholesale

Art Of Your Success in Run and Become

Please get in touch if you’d like to stock items in your shop, or license a design.

Stay Social

Dean Karnazes run in London

We all hang out in different places. I update on social media when interesting things happen and/or ideas and tips pop into my head! It’s also a great way to see your photos.

About Art Of Your Success

ArtOfYourSuccess behind the scenes

How it all started, how and why I make my designs and how I get them to you.

About Sarah

Sarah Dudgeon England Masters

I’m an athlete and an artist. I hold a few silly world records over the marathon, have run for my age group for England & have cycled the whole Tour de France..

Get in touch

Find FAQs or get in touch on the form on my Contact page. It sends an email straight to me, a real person who promises to reply, hopefully with a helpful response.