Get Marathon Ready

Get Marathon Ready

How to get marathon ready

Marathon tips for runners and supporters

It’s marathon season. Whether you’re running or supporting, here’s how to get ready.

Tips for marathon runners

Marathon Runners

Lots of training and marathon day tips from me, including…

Marathon Runners: useful things for you

  •  Write it down! There’s a lot to remember to do.

You feel better when you get it out of your head, onto paper, and better again when you tick it off! 

  • Plan your goal time and pace

Use a Pace Temporary Tattoo to help you run even pace, shown to be the best way to hit your goal time. Race goal postcards help you visualise your time and remember your mantras.

  • Finally remember your supporters and sponsors.

Send them a card that shows how much their support of your running has helped.

Tips for marathon supporters