Dynamic and static stretches
Stretching – what, how and why?! Stretching can sound like yet another thing we know we should probably do, but don’t! Even if you commit […]

Dynamic and Static Stretching

How to get into the London Marathon
How to get into the London Marathon London Marathon 2020 Postponement FAQ The London Marathon is currently postponed from 26 April 2020 to 4 October […]

How to get into the London Marathon

Recovery after sport, recovery after workout, run recovery, race recovery
If you chat to other runners and cyclists, you probably talk about how hard or long your workouts were. Much less-talked about is recovery. Maybe […]

How to recover after a workout

Want to improve your training, get faster and avoid injury? Give yourself some CPR! Consistency So you’re running or cycling regularly.  Good job (as they […]

CPR for your training