MarathonTalk multifunctional headwear



Below are a selection of my custom designs for clubs, groups and events. My aim is to offer products and designs that will inspire your customers / members / participants. Whether that’s through encouragement in training, or congratulations on completing an event.

Custom need to know

I offer a full design and production service.

What’s included

– producing original designs that understand and bring out the spirit of your event or group, and to inspire/ bring joy to those who use them.

– leveraging established relationships with suppliers

– producing high quality products I’ve tried and tested, with an emphasis on UK-produced and sustainable

– setting up print files correctly

– delivering finished product to you

It might not be a good match if…

Please bear in mind the above takes time, expertise and years of experience.

If you are looking for super low cost, or purely want to pay for printing an item, you may be better finding and going straight to a printer and arranging your own design and file set up.

For off the shelf products, please have a look in the Shop.

Getting in touch

To have something specially designed for you, please get in touch.