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Dynamic and Static Stretching

Dynamic and static stretches

Stretching – what, how and why?! Stretching can sound like yet another thing we know we should probably do, but don’t! Even if you commit to doing it, you’re not always sure you’re doing it right. Do I need to stretch? Latest research and thinking will always evolve. These are what I think we can[…]

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5 non-running ways to get a marathon PB

5 tips to get a marathon PB

Yes you do still need to run to train for a marathon.  But what you do outside of running, and how you fit it in and think about it, can all add up to help you get that marathon PB (or PR for US runners!) Here are 5 ways to help you, including my own[…]

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How to recover after a workout

Recovery after sport, recovery after workout, run recovery, race recovery

If you chat to other runners and cyclists, you probably talk about how hard or long your workouts were. Much less-talked about is recovery. Maybe it doesn’t create as good stories of hardship as training or racing can, but it’sjust as important as your physical training. Don’t just take it from me, in her autobiography[…]

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Trust issues: managing your relationship with the taper

The marathon taper A runner’s relationship with the taper is an emotional rollercoaster, treated by many with suspicion, even some moodiness! The best way to treat it, as with any relationship, is to put your trust in it, and go with the love option! So what’s it all about anyway? Here’s my relationship advice for[…]

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CPR for your training

Want to improve your training, get faster and avoid injury? Give yourself some CPR! Consistency So you’re running or cycling regularly.  Good job (as they say in the US)!  You’re on the way to cracking a key secret of sporting success: consistency in training. Once you’ve got your training routine locked in, it becomes easier. […]

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How to learn from training mistakes – without making any

Positive progress So we’ve “Got Honest & Got On It” to set our goals.  Go us!  We decided what we really wanted to achieve [insert your personal goal that you’re really motivated by, here].  We’re excited and giving it a go.   Annoyingly it’s so easy to get carried away in early enthusiasm, overdo it and[…]