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Sarah is the athlete and artist behind Art Of Your Success. She is a marathon runner with a PB of 2:55, and a few silly Guinness world records. She also loves cycling, and has biked the whole Tour de France route. Sarah enjoys using her experience to make products to help motivate and celebrate your training and racing.

Sarah Dudgeon Seville Marathon Finish 2020
Seville 2020 saw us both smash our PBs after 20 years of running and broadly plateauing in the last several years. As a result, many people have asked us, along the lines of, “How on earth did you do that?!” So here are our reflections on how we managed such a significant step change, although, spoiler alert, there is no magic; focus and hard work are at the heart of it.

From Plateau to PB: how we hit new levels in ...

5 key tips for racing in the rain What to do before, during & after, if your running event is in the rain. Racing in […]

Tips for running in the rain

how to wear multifunctional headwear
It’s handy to know how to wear multifunctional headwear., so you can get full use out of this incredibly versatile piece of kit. Don’t be […]

How to wear multifunctional headwear

Dynamic and static stretches
Stretching – what, how and why?! Stretching can sound like yet another thing we know we should probably do, but don’t! Even if you commit […]

Dynamic and Static Stretching

MarathonTalk Run Camp Austria 2017 AIM The aim of this run camp was to explore the location, test some running routes and the Villa, to […]

MarathonTalk Run Camp Austria 2017

Night of the 10,000m PBs is a brilliant concept with amazing atmosphere, exciting racing at Club to Olympic level, and spectators watching the action right […]

Night of the 10,000m PBs

Seville marathon route
Seville marathon review, 2017 edition Reading note: I’ve written about this in detail from a runner’s perspective, as the little things can be important when […]

Seville Marathon Review

Abingdon Marathon Course
The Abingdon Marathon is a great alternative to big city marathons like London. It’s run at the end of October every year and a fantastic […]

The Abingdon Marathon

Birth announcement maternity marathon race bib
Shirley approached me to make a birth announcement for her.  Her husband was doing an Ironman triathlon.  She thought it would be a good idea […]

Birth Announcement

Baby Shower Invitations for runner
Ashley was organising a baby shower with the theme “Baby, she’ll be born to run.” She approached me to design an invite that looked like […]

Baby Shower Invites – Born to Run

Running club prizes and gifts
Running with a work team is a great way to bond outside the office.  Lots of corporate teams enter events to enjoy non-work challenges together. […]

Corporate Half Marathon

Run Mummy Run® (also known as RMR) is the UK’s online running community for women. RMR wanted postcards to send to its customers as thank […]

Postcards & PB Tracker