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Pace Transfers are pace band temporary tattoos with Marathon race split times by mile to help you hit your goal time.

Choose target times from 2h45 to 5h30.

They are easy to use, and easy to read.

All you need to do is go out and run – good luck hitting your paces to run your goal Marathon time.

Please see full product details below. How to apply instructions also come with your product.

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How to apply

Instructions and video demo below

1. Remove the transparent top sheet and discard. Making sure that the skin is clean and dry.

2. Place the tattoo face down, onto the desired area and soak the backing paper.

3. Hold for 30 seconds and then gently slide (not peel)  the paper away. Wash/wipe away the release gel.


Use a cotton wool pad with baby oil or alcohol, place on the tattoo for 10 seconds and then rub until removed.


Avoid the eye area, do not apply to sensitive skin. 

All Pace Transfers are safe and non-toxic but are not recommended for ages 5 and below

If a reaction occurs simply remove with oil based products, customers take responsibility for product use.

Pace Transfer FAQs:

How long do they last?

1 to 5 days depending on where you put them and how careful you are.

How long does it take to put them on?

It takes 20 seconds to apply a temporary tattoo Pace Transfer. 

Can I still shower?

Yes, they’re totally waterproof.

How do I remove them?

With alcohol based remover or baby oil. After a while they simply rub off.

How safe are they?

Very safe. They’re EN71 EC approved, the only thing that touches your skin is a medical grade adhesive. 

However, Pace Transfers are not recommended for those with sensitive skin or under 5s. 

If you react in any way simply remove the tattoo with oil, customers take responsibility for product use. Do not place Pace Transfers near the eyes or mouth.

Tips for the best application and longest duration:

– How do I look after them?

Choose hair-free areas. Avoid rubbing. If they get dirty, wash them with soap.

– How do I apply them in the best way & keep them on as long as possible?

  • Wipe away the release gel residue as soon as you apply the tattoo, this will also prevent it becoming dirty later. You can help the process along with a hairdryer or talcum powder. We also suggest avoiding joints where the skin will stretch and move. When dry, the Pace Transfer looks like a real tattoo and blends with your skin.
  • Temp tattoos react differently to different skin. For best results make sure your skin is dry, clean and free of lotions. Avoid rubbing and avoid hairy areas and joints.
  • Temporary tattoos can sometimes pick up dust from your surroundings or fluff from your clothing, as you’re essentially wearing fresh glue on your skin.  You should keep the tattoo out of contact with anything for the first few hours, dry thoroughly after applying and if you need to, just wash them with soap.

Made from:

Paper, PET film,soya based inks, medical grade adhesive 

Customer photos of Pace Transfer Tattoos

21 reviews for Pace Transfers – Marathon – Miles

  1. Allison

    Great product worked perfectly on the day

  2. Richard

    Excellent product and great communication from a friendly seller.

  3. Helen

    Absolutely fantastic product and wonderful customer service – they went above and beyond to make sure I got the right transfer tattoo in time for the London Marathon. Fabulous!

  4. Gary

    A fab item that is a must for all runners trying for a race time. Great quality and fantastic customer service

  5. Rebecca

    Received this is super quick time. Looks great. Haven’t used it yet, but will do soon!

  6. Eileen

    Loved this, was just what I expected

  7. Douglas

    Amazing quality and size and colors are much easier to read during a race than other brands!

  8. Douglas

    Great quality Never needs repair Works great

  9. Rob

  10. Mark

    Very easy to use, kept me on pace without the maths for a new best time, thank you!

  11. Jules

    Great quality product. I used for the Brighton Marathon. Easy to apply and remove after. Very clear and easy to read.

  12. Nyasha

  13. Elodie

    J'ai bien reçu le bracelet ! C'est super, un grand merci !!
    J'espère que ça m'aidera !
    Merci beaucoup !!!

  14. VW

    I raced on Sunday and I BQ’d! The pace tats were super helpful. They kept me on my time goal for the first half and then on the second half when I felt myself slipping, they helped me do the math to make sure I could still qualify for Boston because I could see how far off the 3:30 I was. Thank you for being so helpful and responsive.

  15. Sylvia J

    I just used it for twin cities marathon last week and it worked out perfect 🙂 Just purchased more for a marathon in January, the Houston Chevron marathon and I have a half marathon at the end of this month!

  16. Peter Edwards

    Having heard of how GPS can be all over the place at the London Marathon (and it was) I wanted something to help me stick to my target pace (without me having to do the maths!).
    These Pace Transfers did the job brilliantly. They stayed on and we’re really clear all through the race – I could still read them the next morning! A little bit of olive oil removed them pretty easily.
    Would definitely recommend them and will be using them again for future big races.

  17. Fraser

  18. Faye M

    I usually use my watch but got told to forget it for a Chicago as the GPS can be blocked by skyscrapers so I’m looking forward to using these, hoping to smash my marathon time 💪🏻🏃🏼‍♀️

  19. N Munjoma

    I was very pleased that I purchased the pacing transfer because my Garmin was playing up through the city centre in Manchester today. I was able to check the splits on my arm to make the adjustments. I managed a 19 minute PB and got in just under 3:30

  20. Rob

    brilliant. so good and would recommend to anyone. used for the Manchester marathon today when my GPS watch was slightly out from the mile markers and always kept us on track. thank you!

  21. Rob

    sarah was brilliant and kept me informed the whole time. going to be really useful to help me pace my race. love and will use again.

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