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Running support during COVID

COVID-19 has changed running for us all

Unprecedented, scary, difficult.  COVID-19 has changed the world and our lives.  As runners, our events are cancelled or have gone virtual (virtual running tips).  Sometimes we can’t train outside at all, sometimes we can, but observing social distancing and or limited distance from our homes.

Products to cheer and support runners during COVID difficult times

Here are some of my recommendations on products to brighten and support yourself and your running buddies, during this time.  If you find any of these useful, please feel the extra glow of supporting small sustainable business this has also been hit.

Support yourself, support others

Products to bring you cheer or send to support your running friends

Working From Home Kit

Get organised and remember your love of running while working from home. Tea breaks, Zoom outfit and planning all covered.

Supporting Virtual Runs

Send encouragement to runners doing their own challenges, or solo running as part of official virtual events. Mark these mad moments to look back on in future.