Plan It Bike It: How to plan, prepare and pedal your way to your dream bicycle tour


Is the open road calling you?  Travelling by bike is a fantastic way to see the world.

I’ve organised and ridden around 25,000 miles on my bike.  So I’ve picked up how to plan; get to and from start and end points; what not to take and many other super valuable tips only gained from many years of planning and miles on the road.

Reading this guide will help you save time planning and cycling, help you avoid mistakes, and give you insider tips and tricks so you get more enjoyment from planning and biking your trip.


It could take you years of painful trial and error to discover half of these tips and techniques, or you could just read them all in this guide with a cup of tea!

The ebook is available to download as a PDF after purchase (3.8 MB)

The table of contents is below:

Intro: what do I know/ why should you listen to me?!
How to organise your own self-supported bike trip
Why cycle?
Where to start?
Overall trip planning
John o’Groats to Birmingham? Ridiculous or clever?
Why plan?
I’ve got no time but I do have a good sense of direction. Do I really need to book ahead and map?
Plotting a route
Step 1: how far is it? Getting a feel for the overall distance
Step 2: let the online tools help you
Step 3: adjust these basic routes
Step 4: balancing
Which map or tool to use?
How to choose your hard copy maps
The right mapping mix
Get your head in the game
Avoiding Fawlty TowersHow to choose where to stay
How do I transport my bike?
Flying your bike: boxing up
Book your bike transport in advance
Be meticulous
Time and organisation
Get inventive
Getting your bike back home: packaging
Bike packing tips
Packing for flying your bike
How to pack a bike in a box
Travelling with your bike box
It’s all about the ‘g’ and ‘is toothpaste really essential’?
The essentials and luxuries which will keep you smiling, smug and snug
Key item tips
One man’s luxury is another’s essential item
Stocking up
Overall weight
Systems that make you smile: how to pack your inner and outer bags
Pro washing
Cycling nutrition
Just in case of emergency
Daily timings
Plan it Bike it blogs
Art Of Your Success


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