Tour de France

Tour de France – how it works & support Ts

A quick explanation of how Tour de France works, plus T shirts for Tour de France fans and supporters.

How does the Tour de France work?

Rules are fun! If you know the rules, you’ll understand the sport.  This massively applies to the Tour de France. 

How is it that riders cross the line first, but don’t win? Why is the event lots of teams, but individuals win? How far do they ride? What are the different coloured jerseys about? When do they eat and go to the loo?

Tour credentials

Having done the range of watching the highlights, cycling classic Tour de France climbs, cheering on roadside, and progressing to cycling the whole TdF route 2 days ahead of the Pros, I am a huge Tour fan.  Read my 4 short posts below and I hope you will love the Tour.

How to love the Tour – how it works

Tour de France T shirts

Designed to for TdF fans to show the Tour spirit.  Wear to show your support, whether that’s having a drink and watching in front of the TV, or roadside on a stage – maybe your T will even help the cameras pick you out… Vive le Tour!