It’s all about the bib

The story of Art Of Your Success

The girl behind the bib

I’m Sarah, an artist and an athlete. I make inspiring and stylish stationery and gifts to help people feel like the athletes and achievers they are.

The idea for Art Of Your Success grew in my head over several long distance cycle trips. (I’ve run more than 30 marathons and cycled over 30,000 miles, so that’s a lot of time to think!)

Mountains multifunctional buff as neck tube

Where Art Of Your Success fills a need

Training and racing can be hard. I always wanted to support people I knew, as they challenged themselves to take part in challenges from 5k to marathons to triathlons.  But I never found anything in the shops that seemed to really understood sport, as well as looking inspiring and stylish.

So I created my own range of gifts and stationery.  My aim is to bring some fun, colour, inspiration and celebration to your training, or to celebrate your successes.

Beautifully made cards. Came with a lovely note from the designer. And very much appreciated by my marathon runners (Alison, Good Luck Marathon cards)

What I make

All my designs are based around the running bib. For me, the bib symbolises all that effort you put in training for and completing an event.

As taking on challenges can be a big part of our lives, it’s always nice to be reminded of our efforts.  That can be through a good luck or congratulations card, using a notepad with a sporty twist, getting motivated by an inspirational print, or training in unique headwear.

Some of the Art Of Your Success product range

How I make it

As you can imagine, it all starts with me getting the ideas what to make and how I want it to look. Very often I get these ideas on a run or a cycle. I write them down as soon as I stop (on my notepads!) as it’s so easy to forget unless you note it straight away.

Everything is then hand drawn by me. I always start in pencil, and use a mix of pen, paint and digital to get my drawings onto things you can use and enjoy.  Like postcards, cards, print, notepads and multifunctional headwear. I still do bespoke paintings for those who want something truly one-off and special.

‘You totally get the sports concept. Couldn’t be better.’
(Shirley, bespoke birth announcement bib)

When your order comes in, I add any bespoke details like names, and cycle to the printer’s to collect them once they’re ready. I package everything up well, as I don’t want anything to happen to your lovely thing.  I usually run or cycle your order to the post office, before emailing to let you know it’s on its way.

I’m always adding more fun products. Pretty much anything you can print on is possible, so please contact me if you’d like my designs on something not yet in my shop.   It’s very likely I can get it made for you.  And do sign up for my monthly email  to see when I’ve added new products.

My sports cards and prints cover all occasions, including new babies, anniversaries and birthdays.  But there may be times when you want things for ‘normal life’.  I’ve got a growing lifestyle range here.

If you’d like something special for your club, team or event, or just yourself, you can see some of my custom work here.

If you have any questions, about training, racing or ordering, do please get in touch.  I look forward to helping you out.

Wishing you lots of success, like these happy customers below…

About Art Of Your Success

Sarah is the athlete and artist behind Art Of Your Success. She is a marathon runner with a PB of 2:55, and a few silly Guinness world records. She also loves cycling, and has biked the whole Tour de France route. Sarah enjoys using her experience to make products to help motivate and celebrate your training and racing.

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