Shop guide: Personalised gifts and cards for sporty people

How to find that present or card for a sporty person you know:

For someone who’s finished an event

You trained hard for months and gave it everything on the day.  What’s left to show for all that commitment and effort? A race t-shirt that doesn’t fit, a medal gathering dust, maybe a couple of unflattering photos and a boring certificate you’ll never download?

Art Of Your Success is here to help you immortalise your memories before they fade away.

Say goodbye to boring medals and baggy t-shirts.  Say hello to unique personalised memories to make you smile and feel proud forever.

Choose from a painting done by hand, or a print, to capture your achievement.

Need help with ideas? Experienced athlete Sarah will come up with a design.

Personalised bespoke gift present for runner triathlete

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Want something smaller? How about congratulating them with a card?

Choose by event, or personalise with their name and their event name.

Cards for running triathlon sport

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Wishing someone luck in an event

Show them you support them. After all the training, the event will mean a lot.

Choose by event, or personalise with their name and their event name.


Other gifts for runners, triathletes and sporty people

Race checklist

Take the stress out of preparation by using this attractive and handy packing list to make sure you’ve got everything.


Sorting stuff out is easier when you’ve got a nice notepad – just don’t forget to run!

Choose from our range or personalise with their name

Notepad gift for runner triathlete sport

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Bespoke commissions

Want something totally different?

Have a look at examples of other commissions and get in touch by clicking the button below

Bespoke Commissions Paintings House Paintings

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About Art Of Your Success

Sarah is the athlete and artist behind Art Of Your Success. She is a marathon runner with a PB of 2:55, and a few silly Guinness world records. She also loves cycling, and has biked the whole Tour de France route. Sarah enjoys using her experience to make products to help motivate and celebrate your training and racing.

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