Daily To Do List

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A brilliant way to plan and prioritise your daily to do list.

Get all those ideas out of your head and onto paper.  You will feel instantly better not having to try and remember them all. Plus you will also feel fantastic when you go through, get them done and give them a big tick off your list.

Do first thing in the morning or last thing at night, to clear your head, and prioritise your tasks.

Divided into 4 key sections to plan your day most efficiently:

MUST: has to be done today
SHOULD: needs to be done, but not critical for today
COULD: this would be handy to get done, but isn’t urgent
WANT: the more fun things we often do first, but are less important.  Do tasks in this section as a treat for getting the others done!

Each sheet has a light background of my painting of coffees, to make planning your day more attractive.


Convenient size (107mm x 139mm) – handy for your desk or bag

50 sheets per pad

Cardboard back so you can write on your notepad easily

Comes packaged in a cellophane bag to keep it pristine til you’re ready to start making lists!

1 review for Daily To Do List

  1. Eva F

    Really like my cute little notepad..thank you. Added a magnetic strip to stick it to the fridge!

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