How to plan, manage and survive a building project

Have you got the urge to create your own dream home? Not sure how to go about planning how to work with builders and plan what you want?

Reading this guide will help you save time planning, help you avoid mistakes, and give you insider tips and tricks so you get more enjoyment from planning managing and surviving your building project.

It is not a definitive step by step guide of everything you need to do when embarking on a building project.  Instead it gives you tips to make the process easier.  You can even use lots of them in your normal life and work outside your project. (Click on the images to see the Contents and read the Introduction).

You’ll see this is set up to choose how much you’d like to pay, starting at the cost of a glass of prosecco – my favourite drink.  It would take me longer than that to tell you everything in it, and I hope you will agree it’s worth at least that.

If you like to think in terms of input, it’s taken me over a year of working on a major project, followed by weeks to write. The guide is 6,500 words.  I am sure you will find a lot of useful information in there.

You can pay however much you think the ebook is of value, on a prosecco-based payment scheme:
£5.99 buys a glass of prosecco
£12.99 buys a bottle of prosecco
£19.99 buys a bottle of champagne

(And if you don’t feel you’ve got any value, contact me for a refund.)

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It could take you years of painful trial and error to discover half of these tips and techniques, or you could just read them all in this guide with a cup of tea!

The ebook is available to download as a PDF after purchase (570 KB)

The table of contents is below:

150506 contents




Pre Project

Get your key info as detailed as possible

The documents you need

Architect’s drawings

Detailed room by room document

Why the spec is useful

Preparing ‘the site’

During the Project

Expect a lot of day to day decisions

How to buy what you need


If it ain’t right, fix it

What kind of change

Things take longer

Expect things to go wrong and/ or take longer

Additional time from you


Timeline/ project plan

How to use the project plan

Where to find ideas

Specific idea sources

Back yourself

Or: don’t think the experts are experts


Systems are the secret sauce

Write it all down

To do list

Your ‘homework’ decisions

Record of decisions

Where to write it

More writing and labelling

Paper versus digital

Hard copy

Digital Systems

Organising images digitally

Online album sharing.

Tips on organising photos with key info


Bringing it all together



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