Behind the scenes during COVID, June 2020

Thank you to all of you who have supported Art Of Your Success through these tricky times.

Much of my business and income is dependent on mass events and I wasn’t alone in never imagining that none of them would happen! It is pretty scary when your revenue drops to pretty much £0 overnight. I know many others experienced the same, for varying reasons.

Although my event-related products still apply to remember a past event, look forward to a future one, or support a virtual event, I have been working hard on my other products.  I have also recently been taken on by NotOnTheHighStreet which is a large UK gift marketplace. It was fantastic to be approached by them, and hopefully the effort put into setting up will be worth it. For those asking how best to support, do continue to use this website, as selling on other platforms has additional costs and commissions. For cost-free options, I love this image.

Source: The Sustainable Fashion Forum via Just A Card Campaign

So of course lockdown has been hard, with even more time than usual on my computer, buried in spreadsheets and emails, trying to make things work. I do want events to come back. Not just to take part myself, but to provide a key part of my business, based on my strong understanding and desire to motivate and celebrate others doing the same.

But lockdown has also been positive. I have been grateful for the resilience and endurance I’ve gained through running and cycling, that I’ve been able to apply to my work.  I have found new channels, reminders that many products are useful at any time, and to have received lots of very kind messages of support.

I hope you’ve also found some positives during tough times. Keep up the endurance and resilience, and thank you again for your ongoing support.

About Art Of Your Success

Sarah is the athlete and artist behind Art Of Your Success. She is a marathon runner with a PB of 2:55, and a few silly Guinness world records. She also loves cycling, and has biked the whole Tour de France route. Sarah enjoys using her experience to make products to help motivate and celebrate your training and racing.

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