Xmas for runners, cyclists, triathletes

Welcome to the Art Of Your Success Xmas Gift Guide. Scroll down for gift ideas for sporty people, stocking fillers, Xmas cards & contact info if you've got any questions.

Personalised Gifts

Remember a special event - maybe the first, a Personal Best, or in memory of someone.
Or add a small but extra special touch, by adding a name on a notebook.

Life outside sport

Who wouldn't want a dog postcard, a champagne thank you, or coffee on our notepad?!  
Some ideas below or have a look at the full selection here.


Labrador postcards


Champagne Congratulations card

to do list notepad in style of iPad

iPad To Do List Notepad

Don't forget the cards

Xmas card for runner triathlete
Shoelace Xmas Tree Card
Xmas card for cyclist
Bike Xmas Card
Xmas card for runner
Knitted Xmas Run Bib Card

Commission something unique

I do lots of commissions.  It could be for postcards, prints, a painting, or putting a design on anything from a phone cover to a mug to a cushion.
Pretty much anything you can print on is possible, so please contact me if you’d like my designs on something not yet in my shop.  It’s very likely I can get it made for you.
Don’t worry if you need ideas, I’ve never been stumped so far!

cushion gift for runner
Custom cushion cover for runner
custom hand painted canvas for runner
Hand painted canvas
Custom phone cover for runner
Phone covers
Marathon des Sables cushion
Marathon des Sables cushion cover

Happy shopping.   Please get in touch if you have any questions.  And I’d love to hear how your original presents are received!

I want something original

We all like to find original gifts. My design ideas have come to me while running or cycling, and all have been made by me, so they are truly unique.

Plus you get the feel-good factor in that buying from me you are also supporting small and independent businesses, where sales mean a lot, and where investment tends to go back into local communities.

I want to buy for someone sporty but I don’t know anything about sport, help!

We all know it’s hard buying for someone when we don’t know about ‘their world’.

Because I’ve been there, run it, biked it, you can relax and know that my designs show the spirit of what’s involved in taking on challenges.  Your sporty person will really appreciate your thought, and feel through your Art Of Your Success gift that you DO understand!