Gifts for runners, cyclists, triathletes and sporty people

Whether for you or someone you know, here are some gift ideas to help brighten training, celebrate a success or get rid of stress by getting organised.

Gift ideas for training for a marathon or event

Training is hard.  Brighten it with my buff you can use in so many ways; get motivated with inspirational quotes; get organised with a notepad and race checklist

To do list for runners
Runners can get extra organised, not just with the improved brain function…
buff, multifunctional headwear, running headband, cyclist scarf, headband, balaclava
If you haven’t used multifunctional headwear yet, prepare to be converted. If…
Inspirational postcard set

Inspirational Quote postcards

It’s handy to have some inspiration where you can see easily it…
race checklist
Save your brain power for racing.  Take the stress out of preparation…

Gift ideas to say Good Luck or Congratulations for a marathon or event

Show your support, or celebrate success.  

Whatever the event, they will really appreciate your support in these special cards & gifts much more than a quick text.

Help them feel proud after the aches and the hype of the event have died down by sending a card or gift to help them remember their achievement.

marathon runner gifts
Marathon training gift pack. A great gift for runners from their supporters.…
This signpost marathon print makes a beautiful gift, perfect for anyone who…
Finish time prints runner triathlete

Personalised Time print

Celebrate the huge efforts your runner or sporty athlete made in their…
Good Luck cards for runners
Show a runner you support them by sending them a special running…

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Lifestyle selection

Sometimes we just want a dog postcard, a champagne thank you, or coffee on our notepad.  In that case, have a look below or at the full selection here.

Daily to do list priorities notepad

Labrador postcards

to do list notepad in style of iPad

iPad To Do List Notepad

Commission something special

I do lots of commissions.  It could be for postcards, prints, a painting, or putting a design on anything from a phone cover to a mug to a cushion.

Pretty much anything you can print on is possible, so please contact me if you’d like my designs on something not yet in my shop.  It’s very likely I can get it made for you.

Don’t worry if you need ideas, I’ve never been stumped so far!

See examples in my portfolio commissions.

Marathon des Sables personalised finisher cushion

Happy shopping. Please get in touch if you have any questions. And I’d love to hear how your original presents are received!