Bike trip – Cate & Russ

Cate Russ bike tripCate and Russ wanted a painting that would remind them of their fantastic week spent cycling round Provence. They clocked up a lot of miles, which I used as the main number on the bib as an achievement to be proud to look back on.

They enjoyed the scenery, particularly distant hills and lots of sunflowers, and also vines and olive trees. I wove these into the painting, along with the glasses of red wine and rosé they enjoyed en route.

When you’re on your bike you spend a lot of time looking at signposts. I suggested one to capture the main towns and villages they visited. In France you also see some lovely mile markers, so I painted one of these and used it to record the dates of their trip.

Finally, I thought ‘Le Tour de Provence’ would be a great title for the trip, and did this in the distinctive style of ‘Le Tour de France’.

Congratulations Cate and Russ. Have you recovered and where’s next?!

About Art Of Your Success

Sarah is the athlete and artist behind Art Of Your Success. She is a marathon runner with a PB of 3:00:04, and holds 4 world records. She also loves cycling, and has biked the whole Tour de France route.

Sarah enjoys using her experience to share as training tips, and also to make into stylish designs for you to use and enjoy.

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