25 km hilly trail race – Peter

AOYS Peter 25km trail

Peter’s wife asked me to paint a picture for him. They had run a challenging wilderness race in the US. She wanted reference to the fact she’d got lost, plus black bears which lived in the area. She didn’t have time to send any photos.

So a challenging race with an equal challenge for me the artist, with little to go on. The event is fairly low key in its minimal web presence, but I found and incorporated its Wild West type logo.


I researched Peter’s finish time, and the statistics for his 25km event, which included impressive amounts of climbing and descending mountains. Definitely a memory and achievement worth recording.


I found out where the 25km event started and finished and put these names onto the kind of wooden signpost you can find in the area. This is also where I incorporated getting lost, by signing to ‘Search and Rescue’.


I found photos online (in participants’ blogs) of the beautiful scenery and incorporated the green mountains into the course profile for the 25km event. I added start / stop symbols to show the direction of the race, as well as highest and lowest points.


Then there’s the bear. He looks suitably impressed with Peter’s achievement. Well done, will you be back for the 50km ‘out and back’ version next year?!…


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